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4 and 16.

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Q: What two numbers divide into 32 and add to 20?
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How do you find the number that lies half way between two numbers?

Add the two numbers together and then divide by two. Assume the two number is 10 and 20. Add them together (30) and divide by 2 (15).

What is the average of 18 and 22?

To find the average you need to add the two numbers together and divide by two. 18 + 22 = 40 40 / 2 = 20 The answer is 20.

How do you average two numbers that are negative?

You would average them the same way you average other numbers: add the numbers together and divide by the number of numbers you added together (in this case, two). For example, the average of -12 and -20 is (-12 + -20)/2 = -32/2 = -16.

What two consecutive numbers add up to 39?

20 + 19 = 39The two consecutive numbers that add up to 39 are 19 and 20.

What two numbers add to give you 20 and multiply to give you 25?


What two numbers multiply together to get 20 but add together to get -21?

The numbers are: -1 and -20

What is halfway between 8 and 20?

14 It is 6 more than 8 and 6 less than 20. To find the halfway point, add the two numbers and divide by 2.

When i add the two numbers i get the sum of 96 .When i subtract the two numbers i get a difference of 56.What are the two numbers?

The numbers are: 76 and 20

How can you get ten using 2 nines 2 ones and any operation?

Add the four numbers together,then divide by two:9+9+1+1=20 20/2=10

What are two prime numbers that add up to 20?

They are 3+17 = 20

What two numbers have a product of 96 and add to 20?


What two numbers multiply to equal 400 and add two equal -40?