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Q: What units are used when talking about area?
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What is the difference between area and square units?

Square units are used to measure the area of something.

Why is area used with squared units?


Which expression can be used to find the area of a triangle with height 7 units and base x units?

(7*x)/2 = area in square units

What is area mesured in?

In geometry area is measured in square units. Inches, feet and meters are the square units that are used to measure area.

What are square units used for?

To find the area of something

What units of measurement used for area?

In SI system of units, area has metre sqaure as the unit. ie m2

How do you find the area if the perimeter is only given?

If you are talking about a rectangle, you can't find the area from just the perimeter. With a perimeter of say 80 units, the sides could be 10 and 30, with an area of 300 square units. But the sides could also be 5 and 35, with an area of 175 square units. There are lots of other possibilities. If you are talking about a square, that's different. Each side is a quarter of the perimeter, so the area is a quarter of the perimeter multiplied by a quarter of the perimeter.

What is the customary unit used for temperature?

Fahrenheit, if you're talking about U.S. Customary units.

Is area measured in linear units?

Yes. But, it is seldom used.

What is the area of a square that is 5.5 inches?

area =lxw =5.5x5.5 =30.25 area of square=30.25 units^2 i used units as u didint give me a a metric measurement

Is 95 units 95 hours?

That depends on what you are talking about. If you are talking about units of time, then it could be hours, though it could be other units of time. You could also be talking about units of some other kind entirely, that have nothing to do with time.

What is the area of a square that has a side of 6x 7?

Thanks to limitations of the browser used for posting questions, it is not possible to tell whether the sides are 6x - 7 units or 6x + 7 units. For 6x - 7 units, area = 36x2 - 84x + 49 square units. For 6x + 7 units, area = 36x2 + 84x + 49 square units.