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that makes no sense

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Any year that you like.

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Q: What year were you born in if your birthday is on September 30th?
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When is Fran Dreschers Birthday and what year was she born?

Fran Dreschers birthday is September 30 and she was born in year 1957.

What is the 273rd day of the year?

The 30th of September in a normal year and the 29th of September in a leap year.

In what year was Amy Davidson Born?

She was born in the year 1979. Her birthday is September 15, 1979.

When is Sedin twins birthday?

The Sedin twins birthday is on September 26, born in year 1980.

What is the most important day in the year?

the 30th of september

What is it called when your age is the same as the year you were born?

If your age matches the day of your birthday, it's called a golden birthday. examples: If your birthday is May 20, (or any month on the 20th day) your 20th birthday is your golden birthday. If your birthay is April 11, or on the 11th day of any month, your 11th birthday is your golden birthday. If your birthday is on the first day of any of the 12 months, then your golden birthday is your first birthday.

What is Carnell Breeding's Birthday?

November 30th 1991.. wow he's turning 18 this year!!! '09!!! Carnell's Birthday is November 30th, 1989 . he's currently 22

Are you 18 years old if you're born in 1991?

In 2009 you are! (As long as your birthday is before today)Yes that is correct, but your birthday has to be before today, but you can still be 18 by the end of the yearEg my brother was born in 1991 and his birthday was on the 30th Decemberalthough he is not 18 he will be by the end of the year

How old is Trey Songz when is his birthday and what year was he born?

As of the 16th of September, he is 31. He was born on the 28th of November, 1984.

What year was bill and tom kaulitz born?

1989 They are currently 19 and their birthday is September 1st

What year was William Faulkner born?

Bill ( William) Faulkner's birthday is 5th September 1997.

What is cee lo greens birth?

Cee lo green's birthday is on may 30th he was born in the year 1974 his birth name was Thomas Decarlo Callaway