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In general, the numbers that you write should be as accurate as the ones you measured. If the tool that you made your measurements with could detect the difference between 7.50 and 7.51, then write 7.50. If it could not, then use 7.5.

If you're getting your numbers from equations instead of instruments, then in general you should write as few digits as possible, while maintaining the degree of specificity required. Again, if the difference between 7.50 and 7.51 would matter, then write 7.50, otherwise write 7.51. If that difference wouldn't matter, then don't specify it.

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Michael Scalise

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Benuel Okubagebriel

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yes even though 0 has value as the ones

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Q: When should you write 7.5 instead of 7.50 and vice versa?
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