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small sheltered bay

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a forge

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Q: When Area of deep water forming a shelter where ships can anchor safely?
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What is a sheltered area that ships can anchor safely?


A sheltered area of water where ships can anchor safely?


What is an area of deep water that forms a place where ships can safely anchor?

These are generally called "Natural Harbors"

What is natural harbor?

A natural harbour is an inlet of the sea, in which boats and ships may safely shelter.

An area of deep water protected from wind that form a place where ships may safely anchor?

A natural harbor.

Why did the ancient Greeks live near water?

Most Greeck lived along the coast (by water) with it may excellent harbor (a part of a body of water near a coast in which ships can anchor safely; dock/park ships)

What causes a ships iron anchor to sink to the ocean?

Gravity causes the ships iron anchor to sink to the ocean.

What were ancient Greece seaports?

Either a bay or river mouth which could provide shelter and loading and unloading facilities, and a place to safely draw up ships on the beach.

A sheltered place for ships to anchor?


What is the name of a ships anchor hole?


What is a town called that has a harbor for ships to anchor?


How do pirates stop ships?

throw the anchor out stupid