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If you define one direction (for example, north) as positive, then the opposite direction is negative.

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South latitudes are negative.

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Q: When does latitude become negative?
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How do you plot negative latitude and longitude?

To plot negative latitude and longitude coordinates, use the correct format for the coordinates (e.g., (-12.345, -67.890)) and ensure that your mapping tool or software supports plotting negative coordinates. Most mapping tools will automatically recognize negative values and plot the coordinates accordingly.

Can latitude be negative?

no it justs goes in directions

What does a - stand for in latidude and longitude?

Negative latitude indicates latitude south of the equator, or the southern hemisphere. Negative longitude indicates longitude west of Greenwich, or the western hemisphere.

Where would yoube if you were at the maximum latitude?

-- At the maximum positive latitude, you would be at the north pole. -- At the maximum negative latitude, you would be at the south pole.

What is the latitude of a polar tundra?

Very far south. It is cold and so then the latitude will probably be negative. If you thought it would be positive, you are crazy.

When we lose something negative you become?

When we lose something negative you become positive.

When multiplying negative integers does it become negative or positive?

Negative times negative equals positive.

Is a negative subtract a negative a positive?

Yes. A negative subtracted by a negative is a positive. Just remember that two like signs become a positive sign, and two unlike signs become a negative sign.

What does a negative electron and a negative electron become?

that's a stupid question

Which elements tend to attract electrons to become negative ions?

Nonmetals tend to attract electrons to become negative ions.

What does a minus mean in latitude and longitude?

As you know, the latitude number must be further clarified as 'north' or 'south' latitude, and the longitude number must be further clarified as 'east' or 'west' longitude. But when you do that, it's hard for a computer to read the information ... which has become a pretty important consideration now. So nowadays, it's common to see latitude written as ' + ' for north and ' - ' for south, and longitude written as ' + ' for east and ' - ' for west. Computers understand the difference between positive and negative numbers very well, and this makes it easier all around.

When you get longitude and latitude coordinates one is a negative number how do you get the correct info?

To get the correct information from longitude and latitude coordinates with negative numbers, simply indicate the direction when referencing the coordinates. For example, a latitude of -30 degrees should be expressed as 30 degrees South, and a longitude of -100 degrees should be expressed as 100 degrees West. This ensures the correct location is understood.