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You cannot use the number of decimal places in the scientific notation unless both numbers have the same power of ten.

If the power of ten are different then you can use the number of decimal places in the actual number but that can sometimes be rather cumbersome: when a lot of zeros are involved. A better way is to alter one of the numbers so that both have the same power.

For example, to add 5.432*10^3 and 6.789*10^1 convert one of the numbers so that it has the same power as the other. Now both numbers have the same power. Add the mantissae of the two numbers and append the same exponent. You may have to adjust the answer to get back to scientific notation.

Thus, 5.432*10^3 + 6.789*10^1 = 543.2*10^1 + 6.789*10^1

= (543.2 + 6.789)*10^1

= 549.989*10^1

= 5.49989*10^3


5.432*10^3 + 6.789*10^1 = 5.432*10^3 + 0.06789*10^3

= (5.432 + 0.06789)*10^3

= 5.49989*10^3

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In addition and subtraction, you use the number of decimal places to determine significant figures.

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Q: When doing addition of numbers in scientific notation with significant figures do you use the number of decimal places in the scientific notation or in the actual number?
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0.000487 in scientific notation?

Therefore, the decimal number 0.000487 written in scientific notation is 4.87 × 10-4 and it has 3 significant figures. Here are some more examples of decimal to ...

How do you round 45670 and in scientific notation?

45670 would be 4.567 x 104 in scientific notation because the trailing zero is not significant without a decimal point.

How can you change decimal notation into scientific notation?


What is scientific notation opposite of?

Ordinary decimal notation

What is 80.007.00 in scientific notation?

It is not possible to convert a number with 2 decimal points into scientific notation.

Rules in converting scientific notation to decimal notation?

to convert scientific notation to decimal you count the number of spaces up to the last digit then put the decimal point then put x10 to the power of if how many places you move the decimal point.................................

How do you convert 3.744000 to a scientific notation?

3.744000 is scientific notation is 3.744 x 100. This is because the decimal is already placed where it would be after converting the number to scientific notation. However, if you wanted to convert 3744000.0 to scientific notation, you would have to move the decimal left six places. This number, in scientific notation, is 3.744 x 106.

Write the number 376000000000 in the scientific notation format as well as the regular format In addition explain any other advantages of using scientific notation?

376000000000 in scientific notation is 3.76 × 1011Standard notation is 376,000,000,000Scientific notation (also called standard form or exponential notation) is a way of writing numbers that accommodates values too large or small to be conveniently written in standard decimal notation.

What is 3400 in scientific notation?

Just remember that there is one digit to the left of the decimal in scientific notation. All the other digits go on the right of the decimal. Then find an appropriate power of ten to write the rest of the number. Your 3,400 in scientific notation is 3.4 x 104in scientific notation.

How is the decimal 000054 written in scientific notation?

Do you mean 0.000054 if so then it is 5.4*10-5 in scientific notation

What is 18 328 340 in scientific notation?

1.8328340 x 107 or 1.8328340E7 depending on notation used. The number of digits held after the decimal depends on the significance. Look up "Significant figures" .

What is a floating decimal on a calculator?

It is the use of scientific notation.