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Yes. 12300 rounded to the nearest hundreds is 12300. No problem!

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Q: When you are rounding a number and the number you are rounding to is the same number do you keep the number that you are rounding the same?
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Rounding off to the first digit is called?

Rounding to the first digit is simply called rounding. This will make the number equal to the same as what the number truly is.

What is the Definition of rounding to the nearest hundredth?

rounding means reducing the digits in a number while trying to keep its value similar.

Is rounding the same as substitution of a number?

No, it is a more precise procedure than that.

Does rounding up mean the same thing as estimate?

An estimate is an educated guess based on prior knowledge. Rounding off is knowing the exact value but rounding it to the nearest whole number.

What are the guidance in the rounding off numbers?

Look at the place you are rounding off. Look at the number to the right of it. If the number to the right is 4 or less, the rounding value stays the same and every digit to the right of it goes to zero. If the number to the right is 5 or greater, the rounding value goes one higher and every digit to the right of it goes to zero.

Are the estimates always the same when you use rounding to the nearest whole number and compatible numbers?

no actually

When yhour rounding does the number behind the decimal all turn into zeros?

When you're rounding, the place you're rounding to will either stay the same or go up by one. Everything to the right of that place will turn into zeros.

How do you round 982404 to the nearest rounding number?

982,400 is 982404 rounded to the nearest rounding number.

Is estimating the same as rounding off and why?

No, it is not. Estimating may be rounding but need not be.

How are estimating and rounding the same?

They are not.

What are the steps in rounding off numbers?

steps rounding off number

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