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No. For example, 61 is a Prime number; 16 is not a prime number.

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Not necessarily. For example, 23 is prime but 32 not.

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No. 23 is a prime but 32 is not.

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Q: When you reverse two-digit prime numbers are they also prime?
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What are mirror prime numbers?

They are prime numbers when you reverse the first one, the second one is prime also.

What prime numbers when reversed are also prime?

no,its not always......for example see 23.........but it's reverse(32) isn't prime.

10.) A two-digit number is prime. When you reverse the digits, that number is also prime. What could the number be List three possibilities.?

Some numbers that you can get when you reverse the digits and they are still prime numbers are: 403 รท 13 = 31 2,701 รท 37 = 73 1,207 รท 17 = 71

What is a emirp number?

"emirp" is "prime" spelled backwards. An emirp number is a prime number whose reverse is also a prime. However, palindromic primes are excluded. So 13 / 31 are emirp numbers.

How do you change whole numbers to prime numbers?

You don't. All prime numbers are also whole numbers.

What numbers are prime but also even?

There are no other prime numbers that are even but 2.

Are there infinitely many natural numbers that are not prime?

This can be an extension to the proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers. If there are infinitely many prime numbers, then there are also infinitely many PRODUCTS of prime numbers. Those numbers that are the product of 2 or more prime numbers are not prime numbers.

What are even numbers that are also prime numbers?

The only even prime number is 2.

Why is the product of two prime numbers also prime?

It's not.

Are most prime numbers also odd numbers?

All prime numbers are odd numbers. If one were even, it would be divisible by two and would, therefore, not be prime.

What is it called when the product of a pair of numbers is the LCM also?

The numbers are relatively prime, or co-prime.

Are 2 and 3 relatively prime numbers?

Yes. In general, if you have two different prime numbers, they will also be relatively prime.

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