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You can purchase bento boxes at or You can also search Amazon for many bento buying options.

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If you are in Australia, bento boxes can be purchased at Katachiware

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Q: Where can I purchase bento boxes?
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Where can I purchase bento boxes online? has a wonderful selection of just the Bento Boxes I believe you were looking for. You should also try There is also a website called which specializes in bento boxes.

What products are there in Bento Boxes?

A Bento box is a form of food container used primary Japan, usually to hold take out or lunches. The contents of the boxes depends on the person preparing them, but usually contain rice, vegetables, sushi, and some form of meat. Elaborate bento boxes may have compartments for condiments and chopsticks.

Where can one get a bento box online for cheap?

Bento Boxes are also known as lunch boxes and can be purchased on line through various outlets. Amazon as well as eBay have an assortment for sale. Prices vary and some are listed for $15 each depending on styles and design.

Where do you buy bento boxes?

Try purchasing them off one of the websites in the sources and related links below.

What are those little boxes with different types of food in them called they are served in japan?

It's called a BENTO box

Where can I find more information on bento boxes?

I highly suggest the following:,, and

Which bento do you use for each battle in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

You dont have to use the bento boxes each time you battle. Its just if you need it for health or buy HP pills that increase your HP to normal.

What is the origin of Japanese bento?

The Origin of Japanese Bento is Japanese Bento. Bento is Bento. 弁当は弁当。

Where do bentos live?

Bentos are in Asia, Mostly Japan. Bento boxes are mostly formed in China. But, it was first born in Japan ( the futuristic country).

What do Japanese eat in bentos?

A 'bento' is the Japanese equivalent of a 'lunch box'. Although it can have many things, from an elaborate spread of sushi to teriyaki chicken, rice is a very common component in all bento boxes, being a staple of their society.

What is the birth name of Alex Bento?

Alex Bento's birth name is Alexander Bento.

What is the birth name of Bento Ribeiro?

Bento Ribeiro's birth name is Bento Manuel Batella Ribeiro.