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Collect terms and simplify to: x-18

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Q: Which property would you use to solve x - 15 -3?
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Which property would help you solve 42 15 28 mentally because you would add 42 and 28 first then add 15?

the property says that a+b+c is the same as a+c+b and it is the commutative property of addition.

How would you use the distributive property to multiply 15x95?

You wouldn't. if it was something like 15(X-95) then you could use the distrubutive property but that is just a multiplication problem

How do you solve 15 divided by 4?


How do you solve for -3x-3y equals -15?

solve -3x-3y=-15

Which strategy would be used to solve 15 23?

1/5 2/3

How would you solve 9 minus negative 24?

The answer is negative fifteen or -15 Welcome!

How could you use the distributive property to multiply 15 95?

15*95 = 15*(100-5) = 15*100 - 15*5 = 1500 - 75 = 1425

How can you finish a rubrics cube?

There are some good tutorials on how to solve one. I lied.

How do you use the distributive property on 15x plus 20?

The distributive property states that a(b + c) = ab + ac. This only works in your case if you meant to write 15(x + 20). That would equal 15x + 300.

How do you solve 5 to the power of x equals 15?

Using logarithms. In economics, we most commonly use the the base e, which is known as ln. For example5^x = 15, apply ln[.] to both sidesln[5^x] = ln[15]and since logarithms have the property of turning exponents into coefficientsxln5 = ln15x = ln15/ln5x = 1.6826

How do you use Distributive Property to multiply 15 x 95?

You multiply 5x5 then 9x1.

How do you use the word thieves?

The jewel thieves were on the property for less than 15 minutes.