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Nolan Ryan gave up 10 grand slams during his career to hold the MLB record.

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Mariano Rivera

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Q: Who has given up more grand slams than any other pitcher?
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Which Atlanta Braves pitcher hit two grand slams in 1966?

On July 3, 1966, pitcher Tony Cloninger hit two grand slams in a game against the San Francisco Giants.

What major league pitcher hit the most grand slams?

Jimmy Foxx (17 Grand Slams) was not a career long pitcher, but he did pitch 23.2 innings in his career. He's ranked 6th all-time. Dave Kingman (16 Grand Slams) logged 4 innings in his career. Babe Ruth also had 16 Grand Slams. Tony Cloniger was the first and only pitcher to hit two grand slams in one game in 1966. According to Baseball Almanac, the MLB career record for grand slams by a pitcher is 2 and is held by 7 pitchers: Camilo Pascual, Dizzy Trout, Tony Cloninger, Bob Gibson, Denny Neagle, Rick Wise, and Schoolboy Rowe

What tennis ranking points are given in grand slams?


Did any pitcher hit 2 grand slams in the same game?

Only one pitcher has managed to hit two grand slams in one game. Tony Cloninger, then of the Atlanta Braves, managed this feat in a game against San Francisco in 1966.

Who has won the most tennis grand slams?

Roger Federer: 16 grand slams

How many grand slams has Mariano Rivera given up?

Mariano Rivera has given up 4 grand slams in his career. The most current grand slam yielded by Mariano was on May 16, 2010, hit by Jason Kubel of the Minnesota Twins.

Baseball grand slams were hit?

Through the 2013 season, there were 6452 grand slams hit in baseball history. The most grand slams in a season happened in the year 2000 when 176 grand slams were hit.

How many grand slams did Jackie Robinson hit?

two grand slams

Who had the most grand slams in a career?

Lou Gehrig, with 23 Grand Slams

Who has won 10 or more mens grand slams?

1. Roger Federer [16 grand slams] ... and counting... 2. Pete Sampras [14 grand slams] 3. Bjorn Borg [11 grand slams] 4. Rafael Nadal [10 grand slams] ... and counting...

How many grand slams nadal won?

Nadal has won 14 grand slams.

How many tennis grand slams do Serena Williams have?

17 grand slams wow

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