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The pair (2, 3) is the same as the pair (3, 2) but the ORDERED pair (2, 3) is NOT the same as the ORDERED pair (3, 2). In an ordered pair the order of the numbers does matter.

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This term is used when the order of two or more numbers matters. For example, the coordinate (0, 5) is NOT the same as the coordinate (5, 0).

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Q: Why do we use the terms ordered and ordered pair?
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What is point in math terms?

ordered pair

Use ordered pair in a sentence?

how do you write ordered pair in a sentence

How to indentify an ordered pair?

An ordered pair has to be in parentheses and there has to be a comma in between the numbers (example: (2,6). An ordered pair is for a coordinate graph.

What is the symbol for ordered pair?

The symbol for an ordered pair is (x,y).

Is there an 11 letter word for ordered pair?


a set odered pair is called?

A set ordered pair is...called a set ordered pair

How do you use an ordered pair?

An ordered pair, depending on the exact kind of math you're doing, may represent a point on a graph, a piece of data, etc. In elementary algebra, an ordered pair generally describes a point on a graph in the format (x, y).

What prism would name a ordered pair?

A prism cannot be used to name an ordered pair.

What is the best way to identify an ordered pair?

In terms of a normal graph (the Cartesian Coordinate System) an ordered pair is identified by the simple means of putting one member on the left (the x axis) and the other on the right (the y axis) and separating the two with a comma, like this: (3,4). That is an ordered pair. It is not the same as (4,3) because the order matters.

How do you describe a vector as an ordered pair?

Use SOHCAHTOA, then cross multiply and divide.

Why the order of the numbers in an ordered pair is important?

Because otherwise it would not be an "ordered" pair.

How do you find the inverse of an ordered pair?

The inverse of an ordered pair (a,b) is the pair (b,a). So you simply switch the order.