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7.5 / 0.5 is equal to 7.5 x 2 = 15

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Q: Why does the problem 7.5 divided by 0.5 give you a whole number answer?
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What is the smallest number by which 49 can be divided?

1 and the 7 are the two lowest whole number that will give you whole numbers

What can 65 be divided by?

Any number, including 65, can be divided by any other number, but the quotient may or may not be a whole number. If you're looking for a number by which 65 can be divided that will give you a quotient that is a whole number, that would be either 5 or 65.

What can 87 be divided by?

To give an integer (i.e. a whole number), 87 can be divided by: 1, 3, 29 and 87

What number can divided 74?

74 can be divided by: 2, 37 and 74 in order to make 'whole number' any other numbers used will give a decimal value.

Is 15 divisible by 4?

It doesn't give a whole number answer. 15 divided by 4 gives 3.75

What s the name for the number that's being divided in a division problem?

The dividend is divided by the divisor to give the quotient. Alternatively, this can be expressed as: The divisor divides into the dividend to give the quotient.

What is 140 divisible by 8 in a whole number?

The division 140/8 will not give a perfect whole number answer. The answer when 140 is divided by 8 equals 17.5 In order to make this a whole number it must be rounded up to 18.

Is 240 a multiple of 7?

240 divided by 7 does not give a whole number and therefore 240 is not a multiple of 7.

What can 335 be divided by?

To give a positive and whole number result, 335 can be divided by:1, 5, 67 and 335. These are known as the factorsof 335.However, if you do not need a positive and whole number result then you can divide 335 by any number whatsoever (excluding 0 and infinity).

Which difference is odd?

The difference that when divided by 2 does not give a whole number is the odd one. For example, 6-2=4 , 4 divided by 2=2 , 2 is a whole number; so 6-2 is not odd. 5-4=1 , 1 divided by 2=1/2 , 1/2 is not a whole number; so 5-4 is odd.

What are the whole numbers divide into 2050?

The following whole numbers can be divided into 2050 to give a whole number as the answer: 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 41, 50, 82

What is a divisble of 5?

Any number or quantity is divisible by 5.If the answer has to be a whole number, then any which is a multiple of 5 will give a whole number e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc. when divided by 5.