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A straight angle is an angle.

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2 angles that form a straight line

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Q: Why is a straight angle not considered an angle in geometry?
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What is a straight line angle in geometry?

Angles on a straight line add up to 180 degrees in geometry.

What is an angle formed by opposite rays called in geometry?

straight angle

What is an example of a geometry converse statement?

Conditional: If an angle is a straight angle, then its measurement is 180°.Converse: If the measure of an angle is 180°, then it is a straight angle.

In geometry an angle is formed by what?

If you mean an angle then an angle is formed by two straight lines meeting at a vertex.

What is a straight line in geometry?

an angle that measures exactly 180 degrees

Does a straight angle have a complement?

No because a straight angle is 180 degrees and complimentary angles are 90 degrees, you would have to use negatives and you don't use negatives in geometry:)

Is straight line consider an angle?

Yes a straight line is considered an angle as the line which is inclined on the base line has 0degree angle on the base line .

what angle is 180?

An angle that is 180 degrees would be considered a straight angle. 90 degrees is a right angle, anything less would be an acute angle and anything more would be obtuse.

What is 181 angle?

An angle at 181 degrees would be considered a "Reflex" angle. This is because it exceeds 180 degrees which is a "Straight" angle.

An angle measur ing more than 90?

An angle measuring more than 90 degrees is considered an obtuse angle. However, if the angle is exactly 180 degrees, then it is considered a straight angle.

What an angle is called in geometry?

It is called an angle!

What does AAA in geometry mean?

It means Angle, Angle, Angle.