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As i know, there are atlaest 10 general characteristics of decimal Dewey classification.

1:Basic structure, means the use of decimal after three digits.

2:Notations, means different symbols.

3:Hierarchy, means its divided into different classes step by step.

4:Instructions for classification.

5:Auxilary table.

6:Relative index with all the terms that someone can use.


8:Provision for detailed and broad classifcation.

9:Abridged edition.

10:revision policy.



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Decimal Dewey classification is based on a system that assigns a unique number to each topic or subject. It uses a decimal notation to represent different categories, with numbers increasing as the specificity of the topic increases. The system allows for easy sorting and organization of library materials based on subject matter.

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Q: What are the general characteristics of decimal Dewey classification?
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What is the Dewey decimal of Smithsonian maker lab?

The Dewey Decimal Classification for Smithsonian Maker Lab would likely fall under the 600s, which is the general classification for Technology.

How old is the Dewey decimal classification system?

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), or Dewey Decimal System, is a proprietary library classification system first published in the United States by Melvil Dewey in 1876.

What is the Dewey decimal in the library?

Dewey Decimal is the classification system of the library.

What is the Dewey decimal for cowboys?

The Dewey Decimal Classification for cowboys is 978.004.

Who Invented Dewey Decimal Classification?

Melvil Dewey

Who created the Dewey decimal classification?

Melvil Dewey

What is the Dewey decimal classification for nonfiction books about spiders?

Spiders fall under the Dewey Decimal Classification of 595.4.

What is the Dewey decimal classification for pilates?

The Dewey Decimal Classification for Pilates is 613.71. This classification is under the broader category of Physical Fitness and Exercise.

What is the Dewey decimal number for yearbooks?

The Dewey Decimal Classification number for yearbooks is 091.

What does encyclopedia stand for in the Dewey decimal?

Encyclopedia falls under the Dewey Decimal classification 030, which covers general encyclopedias and reference works across various subjects.

What has the author Eugene Edward Graziano written?

Eugene Edward Graziano has written: 'The philosophy of Hegel as basis for the Dewey decimal classification schedule' -- subject(s): Classification, Dewey decimal, Dewey decimal Classification

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