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In general, a mean can be greater or less than the standard deviation.

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Q: Can the mean be less than the standard deviation?
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Related questions

Is it possible that the standard deviation is less than one?

Yes, a standard deviation can be less than one.

Can standard deviation be greater than mean?

Standard deviation can be greater than the mean.

What does it indicate if the mean is greater than the standard deviation?

It does not indicate anything if the mean is greater than the standard deviation.

How do you know if a z score is positive or negative?

A negative Z-Score corresponds to a negative standard deviation, i.e. an observation that is less than the mean, when the standard deviation is normalized so that the standard deviation is zero when the mean is zero.

Is the standard deviation best thought of as the distance from the mean?

No. A small standard deviation with a large mean will yield points further from the mean than a large standard deviation of a small mean. Standard deviation is best thought of as spread or dispersion.

Can a standard deviation be less than 1?

Yes. Standard deviation depends entirely upon the distribution; it is a measure of how spread out it is (ie how far from the mean "on average" the data is): the larger it is the more spread out it is, the smaller the less spread out. If every data point was the mean, the standard deviation would be zero!

Is standard deviation always smaller than mean?


How do you calculate mean and Median smaller then Standard deviation?

In the same way that you calculate mean and median that are greater than the standard deviation!

Is the mean for a set of data always greater than the standard deviation?

Yes; the standard deviation is the square root of the mean, so it will always be larger.

What does it mean if the standard deviation is less than the mean?

If the mean is less than or equal to zero, it means there has been a serious calculation error. If the mean is greater than zero and the distribution is Gaussian (standard normal), it means that there is an 84.1% chance that the value of a randomly variable will be positive.

How is standard deviation different from mean absolute decation?

If I have understood the question correctly, despite your challenging spelling, the standard deviation is the square root of the average of the squared deviations while the mean absolute deviation is the average of the deviation. One consequence of this difference is that a large deviation affects the standard deviation more than it affects the mean absolute deviation.

Sample standard deviation?

Standard deviation in statistics refers to how much deviation there is from the average or mean value. Sample deviation refers to the data that was collected from a smaller pool than the population.

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