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Correlation alone cannot be able to complicate causation.

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Q: Correlation alone causation
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Does Correlation alone complicates causation?

does not prove

What is the difference between causation in fact and legal cause?

You must understand proximate cause first to understand "causation in fact". Proximate cause is the primary cause of an injury through reasonable forseeability. This is the legal cause of a plaintiff's injury. Withouth this cause there is no lega liability. With Causation In Fact is the "but for" test. With this cause alone does not grant liability. Proximate is the legal cause and CIF is the hunch more or less.

What are the shortcomings of correlation?

One shortcoming is the danger of assuming that because 2 variables are highly correlated then one must have caused the other. Correlations alone can never support this assumption.

Does correlation prove causality?

No. If Factor X is correlated to Factor Y then you can use one as a predictor of the other, but you should never assume that one causes the other (it may, but correlation alone doesn't prove it).Consider the correlation between proximity to a swampland and chances of contracting malaria. Do swamplands cause malaria? No. Malaria is propagated via mosquitoes which of course love to live in swamplands. So your proximity to a swampland is a useful predictor of your chances of contracting malaria, but doesn't cause it.

What are examples of the fallacy of causation?

There are two different fallacies you might be thinking of:The fallacy of the single cause is the assumption that one thing alone led to another, when multiple factors applied. This is often seen after tragedies, where the urge to simplify helps people deal with the situation. For example, during hurricane Katrina much of the disaster was blamed on the failure of the levees and flood walls, but much of the loss of life was also due to poor evacuation and rescue efforts (and even that is a vast simplification).The fallacy of correlation and causation is the assumption that because one thing happened after another, it was caused by it. For example, some years ago researchers noticed that women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) had a lower-than-average incidence of coronary heart disease (CHD), leading doctors to propose that HRT was protective against CHD. But randomized controlled trials showed that HRT caused a small but statistically significant increase in risk of CHD.

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