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Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

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Q: How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?
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How is a graph showing speed different from a graph showing acceleration?

Acceleration is how fast you get up to speed.

How does a graph slowing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Yes. One shows speed and the other shows acceleration. The variables are usually plotted against time but that need not be the case. They could be plotted against displacement, for example.

In an acceleration graph showing speed versus time a straight line shows the acceleration is?

A graph that shows speed versus time is not an acceleration graph.The slope of the graph at any point is the acceleration at that time.A straight line shows that the acceleration is constant.

How is a speed graph different from an acceleration graph?

A speed graph measures the distance devided over time. Acceleration graph measures the change in speed over time.

On speed-time graph the measures acceleration?

On speed-time graph can measure acceleration by getting the slope.

What represents the speed versus time graph of acceleration?

Any graph that isn't a straight horizontal line is a graph of speed with acceleration.

What is indicated on a speed graph?

Acceleration is indicated on a speed/time graph.

How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

Acceleration=change in y graph/change in x graph

What happens to acceleration when speed decreases on a speed time graph?

Acceleration is negative.

On a speed time graph what measures acceleration?

The slope at each point on a speed/time graph is themagnitude of acceleration at that point in time.

How is speed and acceleration represented on a graph?

On a speed versus time graph, acceleration is represented by the line on the graph. If acceleration is constant, the line cuts through equally between the axis and starts from the zero point.

Is The slope on a position-time graph is representative of the acceleration of the object?

No. Slope of position/time graph is speed, or magnitude of velocity.Slope of speed/time graph is magnitude of acceleration.

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