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to help you find the area of a shap

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Q: How is a box and whisker plot used in real life?
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What is the type of average on a box and whisker plot?

On a standard box-and-whisker plot, the averages used are medians. Arithmetic means are used in some box-and-whisker plots, but most use medians.

What is an box an whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot is a sort of graph used to show a period of time such as a time line or a line graph. To really found out what a box and whisker plot is you should ask a teacher

Ways to use box and whisker plot in life?

it is used for graphing pictures of things like football gamesand ect.

When are box and whisker plots used in real life besides in a class?

it is absolutely cazy and stupiddunno

How box and whisker plots are used in real life?

They are never used there is no point in learning about them. We have to because it is required in school. So learn it but you will never use it.

What word is used for data display that helps you to see the way data are distributed?

box- and - whisker plot

What is the box whisker plot?

A box and whisker graph is used to display a set of data so that you can easily see where most of the numbers are. Here is a link to a nice VIDEO that shows you how to make and understand the plots.

What are the numbers used in making a box and whisker plot?

The box goes from the lower quartile to the upper quartile and has the median marked across it. The whiskers stretch out, from the box, to the minimum and the maximum.

How do you do a box and whisker plot?

A box and whisker plot is used to show range, you must first find out the quartiles. The first quartile is the left edge of the box, the third quartile is the right edge of the box and the median is the line in the middle. The whiskers are the highest and lowest values in your data set. Sometimes if you have a value in your data that is a long way out then you may not use it as a whisker, this is an outlier.A boxplot is a way of depicting groups of numerical data. They have many lines extending vertically from the whiskers (boxes).

Are proportions used in real life?

Proportions are used in real life to determine prices of things.

How is a scatter plot used in real life?

A scatter graph can be used in companies to plot things such as profit and loss for certain items (or the company as a whole) over time, which can give the company a good insight to what sells well and a guideline of what they could do to increase profit.

How do you use a box and whisker plot?

Box and whisker plots are used to give a visual indication of where quartiles and highest/lowest values fall, so they're useful for visually comparing various sets of data. The "whisker" on the left extends to the lowest value in the data range (the left-most point). The first edge of the "box" indicates the lower quartile, the middle line in the box represents the median quartile, and the upper edge of the box represents the 3rd quartile. The "whisker" on the right extends to the highest value in the data set. Clearly when using many box and whisker plots, and comparing them to each other, it helps greatly if you use the same scale on each plot. Sometimes it may be decided that your lowest/highest data values are "outliers" (anomalous results), in which case they are still included in the box and whisker plot, but they should be demarcated by a hollow circle wherever the outlier is deemed to be.

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