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19 people did.

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Q: How many more of 100 people preferred wwcn 41 percent than wanr 22 percent?
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How many more of 400 people preferred wwcn at 41 percent than wanr at 22 percent?

Difference is 19% of 400, ie 76.

If 400 people were surveyed and 13 percent went with wkod and 24 percent went with wclm and 22 percent went with wanr and 41 percent went with wwcn then how many people perferred wclm?

0.24 x 400 = 96 people how many more people preferred wwcn than wanr

There are 100 kids at birthday party 41 percent likes ice cream 24 percent likes cake 22 percent likes pizza and 13 percent likes soda how many more preferred pizza to those who preferred cake?

2kids prefer cake to pizza.

How many more people preferred WWCN than WANR?

C. 76

How many more people perferred wwcn than wanr?

There were 150 more people who preferred WWCN over WNR.

How many percent of people like LEGO's?

more than 50 percent of kids like LEGO.

In a comparrison taste test of two drinks 780 students preferred berry blast only 220 students preferred melon splash how much more people preferred berry blast?

780-220 = 560 560 more people preferred berry blast

How many more people preferred 41 percent than 22 percent?

Depends on what you are talking about.If it is a good thing, 100% of the people will want 41% rather than 22%.I'll give you x% of the money.You can have x % of the cookies.If it is a bad thing, 100% of the people will want 22% rather than 41%.There is an x% chance of rain during the picnic.There is a x% chance you have cancer.

How many people have digital television in Australia?

Approximately more then 50 percent

How many people in U.S. own more than one home?

21 percent

How many people in Britain recycle?

As of 2013, about 25 percent of a people in Great Britain recycled. Research shows that over 75 percent of all people would recycle if it was more convenient.

How many people have type 1 diabetes in th UK?

more than 30 percent