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The probability of a fair coin landing on tails is 0.5. The probability of 4 tails is .5*5*.5*.5 = 0.0625.

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Q: If you toss 4 coins what is the chance of them all landing on tails?
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What is coin toss mean?

When you toss or flip a coin it's a 50/50 chance of it landing heads or tails up, so the phrase coin toss is used to describe a situation that can go either way.

If a coin is tossed two times in succession what is the probability that it turns up tails on the second toss?

Because only the second toss matters and there's 2 sides it can land on, the chance your second toss will be tails; will still be 50%. If you want both coins to turn up as tails it would be 0,50 x 0,50 = 0,25 x 100% = 25% chance for both to be tails.

If you toss three coins 240 times how many times can you expect the coins to have three tails showing?

If we toss three coins 240 times, how many times can we expect the coins to have three tails showing?

What are the odds of getting 6 tails on 6 coin tosses?

If the coin is fair, thenThe chance of tails on the 1st toss is 50% (1/2).The chance of tails on the 2nd toss is 50% (1/2).The chance of tails on the 3rd toss is 50% (1/2).The chance of tails on the 4th toss is 50% (1/2).The chance of tails on the 5th toss is 50% (1/2).The chance of tails on the 6th toss is 50% (1/2).The probability of getting all of them is (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) x (1/2) = 1/64 = 1.5625 % .The odds are 63 to 1 against.

What is the probability that the fourth toss is tails?

1/2. What the previous tosses are has no impact on what a fourth toss of a coin is, so the chance of getting a tails is the same on any throw.

If you toss 4 coins what is the probability of getting three tails?


Probability of getting one head and two tails on a toss of three fair coins?


What is the probability of tossing three coins and having all of them show tails?

When we toss a coin getting head or tail have equal probability of 50% - that is, out of the two possible outcomes getting the specified one becomes 1/2 probability. When we toss three coins, the probability of getting all the coins showing tails is given by (1/2) * (1/2) * (1/2) equal to 1/8 or 12.5 % chance. Alikban

How many outcomes are possible if you toss n coins?

There are three possibilities, Heads, Tails and stand on edge

What is the complement of four heads in the toss of four coins?

The complement is "Not four heads", that is, at least one tails.

If you toss a penny a nickel and a quarter how many possible outcomes?

There are technically 8 possible outcomes if you are talking about the side of the coin it lands on. Each coin has 2 possible outcomes (landing on heads and landing on tails). To figure out the number of outcomes for all the coins you multiply the outcomes for all of the coins together: 2 X 2 X 2= 8.

What is the probability of landing a tails on the third toss of the coin?

It's 50/50 with an honest coin except for the Kennedy half dollar.