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importance of statistics in trade

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Q: Importance of statistics in trade and commerce?
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Importance of statistics in commerce and business field?

statistics had a great role in the business and commerce field . it also had agreat role in the field of research.

What are the importance of AIDS to trade in commerce?

To help the producers

Why was the U.S chamber of commerce stared?

to develop the u.s business, trade and overall flourishment of U.S trade and determing the importance o f united trade the u.s chamber of commerce started.

Importance of statistics in science?

what is the importance of statistics?

What are the importance of electronic commerce?

E-Commerce is an important element of conventional trading. In e-commerce the trade take place between buyer and seller with the help of internet.E-Commerce help the companies to grow and expand. The companies who have not adapted the conventional medium of exchange is suffering. This statement is clearly mentioning the importance of e-commerce.

Importance of statistics to economics?

importance of statistics for an economist

Importance of demography in business and commerce?

importance of dempgraphy in business and commerce

What are basic uses and importance of statistics?

importance of basic statistics

Importance of statistics in the field of welding?

what are the importance of statistics to welding

What information can one find on the US Department of Commerce website?

The Department of Commerce website is useful if one is looking for information on economic data and statistics, business resources, minority business opportunities, international trade, weather, census information, population statistics, time standards, and careers available in the US Department of Commerce.

What are the effects of commerce in trade?

the impact of trade and commerce

What is the importance of statistics in our lives?

appraise the importance of statistics to human activities