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No it is not easier because of the external flow.

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Q: Is it easier to increase internal validity than external validity?
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can some one write the reason for why external or internal?

Which forces are easier to anticipate and design for, internal or external Why do you think this is so?


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The process of obtaining feedback from the internal customers is usually easier and cheaper as compared to obtaining feedback from external customers.

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internal screws are fixed straight to the bone under the skin and cant be seen. External screws are also fixed to the bone through the skin and you can see them... this is easier to tighten screws and if you have a very bad break

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It would increase the reliabilty, not validity. This is because it would provide enough date to get an average result, and would also show if any experimental errors were made. Also, repeating it would enable you to compare the results easier with others, which would tell you whether the experiment we reliable, which it would be if the results were similar.

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Keep them moist -Prevents Water loss -Maintain heat -Air is an easier medium to move, in relation to fish's external gills.

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it is internal. you can replace it if you know what you are doing, but it is easier to buy a whole new alternator Answer: BS. it is not easier to buy a new alternator. it's like 5 screws and a few nuts to take out a voltage regulator, and they cost 10 bucks. an alternator costs a lot more than that.

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Hard drives in external disk drives are simply standard drives so it is possible to unscew them and put them in a pc. However it would be easier to buy a standard internal drive and copy the data across

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There is no external filter on the 2000 tl--its internal to the transmission----you will have to flush the transmission-to clean the filter-or dismantel it. Lot easier to take to a dealership or local garage and have the transmission flushed..

What is external schema?

The role of the external schema is to support user views of data and thus to provide programmers with easier data access

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