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Probability formulas can be used to predict the probabilities that specific alleles will be passed on to offspring.

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Q: List ways to express mathematical probability in genetics?
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Lamone is in a group of 10 students on waiting list for a school trip There is space for 2 more students on the tripso Mr.Baraka plansto randomly select 2 names from a hatWhat is the probability?

The answer depends on what is the probability of WHAT!

Which of the following cannot be the probability of an event?

There is insufficient information in the question to properly answer it. You did not provide the list of "the following". Please restate the question. However, by definition of probability, a probability less than 0 (the event will never happen) or greater than 1 (the event will always happen) is impossible, so maybe that answers your question.

A complete probability distribution is always an objective listing of all possible events Since it is impossible to list all the possible outcomes from a single event probability distributions are o?

Your question is not clear, but I will attempt to interpret it as best I can. When you first learn about probability, you are taught to list out the possible outcomes. If all outcomes are equally probable, then the probability is easy to calculate. Probability distributions are functions which provide probabilities of events or outcomes. A probability distribution may be discrete or continuous. The range of both must cover all possible outcomes. In the discrete distribution, the sum of probabilities must add to 1 and in the continuous distribtion, the area under the curve must sum to 1. In both the discrete and continuous distributions, a range (or domain) can be described without a listing of all possible outcomes. For example, the domain of the normal distribution (a continuous distribution is minus infinity to positive infinity. The domain for the Poisson distribution (a discrete distribution) is 0 to infinity. You will learn in math that certain series can have infinite number of terms, yet have finite results. Thus, a probability distribution can have an infinite number of events and sum to 1. For a continuous distribution, the probability of an event are stated as a range, for example, the probability of a phone call is between 4 to 10 minutes is 10% or probability of a phone call greater than 10 minutes is 60%, rather than as a single event.

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What is the probability that a couple with four children have atleast one girl?

There are 2 ways to do this problem. 1. Go to a Binomial Distribution Table where n = 4 (4 children) and P=0.5(50% probability of a girl). Probability of at least 1 girl = 1 - probability of no girls. From Binomial Distribution Table n = 0 probability is .0625. So, 1 - 0.0625 = .9375 = probability of at least 1 girl. 2. The other way is to list all the possible ways to have 4 children and count the number of ways at least 1 girl exists divided by the total number of ways to have 4 children. There are 42 ways to have 4 children, all 16 listed below: bbbb bbbg bbgb bgbb gbbb bbgg bggb ggbb gbbg gbgb bgbg bggg gggb ggbg gbgg gggg Since 15 of the 16 have at least 1 girl, the Probability of at least 1 girl = 15/16 = 0.9375, the same answer as above.

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