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to make patterns easier to determine

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Q: What are benefits of using graphs of frequency distribution?
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What are some benefits of representing data sets using graphs of frequency distribution?

Organizing the data into a frequency distribution may make patterns within the data more evident.

What are some benefits of representing data sets using frequency distributions?

Organizing the data into a frequency distribution can make patterns within the data more evident.

Benifts of using graphs visual aids in technical writing?

"Benefits: A picture is worth a thousand words"

How can a composite signal be decomposed into its individual frequencies?

Fourier analysis Frequency-domain graphs

What is Hypothesis Testing of Goodness-of-Fit?

A test using relative errors comparing a frequency table to the expected counts determined using a given probability distribution; the null hypothesis is that the given probability distribution fits the data's distribution.

What does the concept of data distribution stand for in computer science?

In computer science, the concept of data distribution stands for qualative variables. Data is typically the result of some form of measurement that is visualized using graphs or images.

What are the disadvantages of using graphs?

I like graphs, no disadvantages.

How many types are there of frequency distribution?

Introduction:Frequency distribution is used to compress and summarize the whole data by grouping the data into classes and records the data points that fall in each class. The frequency distribution is considered as the base for descriptive statistics and they are also used to define the ordinal, nominal and the interval data. Frequency distribution is the comfortable way of grouping and organizing the data.Example of Frequency Distribution:Consider the frequency table for the students in a class where the data has been grouped according to the height of the students. Range of height Total number of student's cumulative frequency3.0 - 4.5 feet 15 154.5 - 5.0 feet 20 355.0 - 6.5 feet 25 506.5 - 7.0 feet 30 80In the case of nominal data the use of the contingency table is required. The frequency distributions are used to present the data graphically.Types of Frequency Distributions:There are three types of frequency distributions. Cumulative frequency distribution,Grouped frequency distribution,Cumulative Grouped frequency distribution.Cumulative frequency distribution (type 1):The cumulative frequency can be found from the frequency distribution by adding the cumulative frequency column. The highest cumulative frequency should be equal to the total number of frequenciesTemperature Frequency Cumulative frequency47 3 2246 3 1945 4 1544 3 1243 3 9Grouped frequency distribution (type 2):The grouped frequency distribution can be formed by grouping the values together into the class intervals. The range can be calculated using the maximum and the minimum values.Data set for temperature45 48 47 43 4442 45 43 46 4645 47 46 47 4543 47 45 47 4644 43 44 46 47The grouped frequency distribution is given byClass interval midpoint frequency45- 47 46 1542 - 44 43 7Cumulative grouped frequency distribution (type 3):In cumulative frequency distribution the cumulative frequency column is added to the grouped frequency distribution so that we can get the cumulative grouped frequency distribution.Class interval midpoint frequency Cumulative frequency45- 47 46 15 2242 - 44 43 7 7

What is the bode theory?

bode plot is representation of a system graphicaly using frequency response and the unit of decibell.

How are circle graphs line graphs and bar graphs different?

a circle graph is in a circular form and represents your data using pieces inside of itbar graphs represents data using bars

What is the difference of finding average from raw data and from frequency distribution?

Finding the average from the raw data requires a lot more calculations. By using frequency distributions you reduce the number of calculations.

When data is collected using a qualitative nominal variable male or female what is true about a frequency distribution that summarizes the data?

class midpoints can be computed