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One set of numbers for which this is true is {8}.

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Q: What are the set of numbers in which 8 is the mean median and mode?
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What does mean mode median range mean?

Mean is the average of a set of numbers. Median is the number in the middle when arranged in numeric oder. The mode is the most frequently used number in a set.

What set of seven numbers have the same mean median and mode?

seven (7,7,7,7,7,7,7)

Multiple values for the same set of numbers mean median or mode?

Any set of numbers can have only one mean and only one median but it can have as many modes as it has values.

What does mean mode range and median mean in math?

mean - the average of a number mode - a number that appears the most in a set of numbers median - the number in the middle after the set of numbers are put from least to greatest range - the difference between the largest and the smallest number in a set of numbers

Mean median and mode numbers?

Mean is the average: Add all the numbers in a set and divide by the number of numbers. Median is if you wrote the numbers from largest to smallest, it would be the middle number. Mode is the Most common number.

How can you find mean median and mode for GROUPED data?

Mean, median and mode are ways to find averages. The mode is the most common answer in a set of data. The median the number that is in the middle when the numbers are put in order. The mean is the statical average.

What set of twelve numbers has a mean of seven a median of six and a mode of eight?


What would be the mean median mode and range be for this set of numbers 19 22 21 20 19 and 18?

mean = 19.833... median = 19.5 mode = 19

What does Mean Median Mode and Range mean in?

Mean = average of a set of numbers Median = the middle number in a set, when the numbers are arranged from least to greatest Mode = the most frequently occurring number in a set Range = the difference of the greatest number in a set minus the least number in the same set.

How do you get the mode in math?

The mode of a set of data is the value in the set that occurs most often. mean, median, and mode are all ways to figure what the average of a set of numbers are. mode is the number that occurs the most. mean is where you take all the numbers, add them together, an divide by the number of numbers, and median is when you organize the numbers numerically and then find the number that is in the exact middle.

What does mean median mode mean?

Mean is when you add up all the numbers then divide them by how many numbers you added up. Median is when you put the numbers in order and find out what the middle number is. Mode is the most comon used number in that set.

What is the mean median and mode for 16 20 25 22 30 29 12 16 20 and 30?

The mean of the numbers is 22. The median of the numbers is 21. The mode is 16, 20 and 30 or you can say the set has no mode.

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