What body shape is 34 24 35?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You are an hourglass figure. You can read about your body type and confirm in the calculator I used here

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Q: What body shape is 34 24 35?
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What body shape is 34-24-35 hourglass or pear?

It is the shoulders that actually help determine a pear body shape. This body shape describes when a woman's hips are wider than her shoulders. Hour glass body types those where the bust and hips are the same/evenly balanced, with a small waist, which sounds more like the measurements you described.

What are the measurements of a model?

32-22-32 or 34-24-34 or 35-25-35

What is the answer to 24-18 plus 35-7?

24-18=6 35-7=28 28+6=34 so 34 is the answer

What is adriana lima measurement?


What body shape is the measurements 33-28-35?

Pear shape

Is 34.82 closer to 34 or 35?

34.82 is closer to 35 than 34.

What is 1 plus 34?

34 + 1 = 35

What is 34 35 in simplest form?

34/35 is in its simplest form.

What is kcal 9's Jackie Johnson's measurements?

Jackie Johnson's measurements are 34-24-35.

34 is what percent of 35?

34 is what percent of 35= 34 / 35= 0.971429Converting decimal to a percentage:0.971429 * 100 = 97.14%

What sums add up to 34?

1+34=35, 2+33=35, ....33+2=35, 34+1=35 so 35*34 is 35*34= (30+5)*(30+4) 30*30+5*4 900+20 920 35*34=920/2= 460 if we add up until 34 th answer is 460

I am 5.9 34-27-35 my weight is 59 kg I'm ruler shape Can you be a model if yes what kind?

Your height qualifies you to do fashion/runway/editorial modeling. However, you will need to slim down on your waist measurement. The ideal measurements for fashion models is 34-24-34. You can be smaller but no larger than one inch in any of these areas so while your hips are at the maximum, you'd have to get your waist down to at least 24 inches.