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There is no such thing as a "decate." The proper term for a group of things is a "decade" which may refer to years or things.

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What do you call a group of ten notes in music?

Decuplet or decimole

What do you call a group of 6?

A group of six (things) is a sextet.

When you group things you call them?

When you group things, what you call them depends on what you are grouping. Some examples: * a group of playing cards = a deck * a group of flowers = a bouquet * a group of cows = a herd * a group of birds = a flock ** If you tell me what items you are grouping, I can help you with what to call the group.

What do you call a musical group with ten people in it?

A dectet (or a band or an orchestra)

When scientists sort and group living things they call it classification?

A Biologist

What would you call a group of living things of the same species in a community?

a group of living things of the same species in a community is hobknockers. this group of animals is very common in the mountains.

When was Ten Fu Group created?

Ten Fu Group was created in 1993.

According to Google's Ten Things Google wants to give access to information on its search engine to which group?


What do they call a group of insects?

Depending on the type of insects, a group of insects could be a swarm, a nest, a hive, or any of several other things including a group or a bunch.

What do you call A group of dancers?

What do you call a group of Dancers?

What is a tensome?

Although used much less frequently than twosome, threesome, or foursome, a tensome (ten-some) is a group of ten people or things in a single place or use.

What do you call group of jellyfish?

You call a group of jellyfish a smack :)

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