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Round the number to the nearest tenth.

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Q: What does find the number to nearest tenth mean?
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To find the mean do you round to nearest tenth?

Only if you were asked to find the mean to the nearest tenth. If so, don't round each number; calculate the mean first and then round it to the nearest tenth.

What does round to the nearest tenth mean?

It means to round the number to one place to the right of the decimal point. For example, 5.73702 rounded to the nearest tenth is 5.7

What is 313 rounded to the nearest tenth?


What is 314 rounded to nearest tenth?

314 is already at the nearest tenth. If you mean the nearest ten, then it is 310.

What is 4.846 rounded to the nearest tenth?


What does it mean to find something to the nearest tenth?

When we describe numbers to the nearest tenth, we describe them in terms of units of ten. Take the number 145. Here, the unit of ten is the 'forty' (145). In the number 372, the unit of ten is the seventy (372).To round a number to the nearest tenth, what one has to do is look at the 'units' part of the number- that is the digit at the end of the number. In our examples, these units are 5 and 2 respectively. (145 and 372)If this unit number is 4 or below, we don't round up the number in the tens column. If the unit number is 5 or above, we round up the number in the tens column. So, our examples to the nearest ten are 150 and 370. I've put some more examples below;13276 to the nearest ten is 1328024 to the nearest ten is 2047253849 to the nearest ten is 47253850

What does nearest litre mean?

It means that a number that is nearest one

What does the nearest tenth mean?

I t is rounding to one decimal place.

22.883 to the nearest tenth?

20. Or, if you mean ''22,883'', then the answer would be 22,880.

What is 21.99 rounded to the nearest hundredth?


What is .367 round to the nearest ten?

If you mean the nearest tenth, then it would be 0.4. Since six is larger than five, the three rounds up.Now if you actually mean rounding to the nearest tens, then it would round down to zero.

What is the geometric mean of 6 and 15 rounded to the nearest tenth?


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