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This means that the more years of experience that a person has the higher his or her income is likely to be.

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Q: What does it mean to say that years of experience in a profession and income are positively correlated?
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If higher income and job satisfaction are positively correlated which one is true 1. Higher income causes job Satisfaction 2. Job satisfaction causes higher income 3. third variable causes both?

Just because something is positively correlated does not automatically make any of those answers causally relevent.

If college graduates typically earn more money than high school graduates this would indicate that level of education and income are?

Positively Correlated

What is the income of a Chemist?

starting is 30k/yr. experience coorelates positively with income; location is a factor as well as the type of chemist you are; therefore, chemists with more experience can expect to range from 50-80k/yr

Are consumption and income positively related or are they negatively related?

They are positively, or directly related. An increase in income is associated with an increase in income; a decrease in consumption accompanies a decrease in income.

What do plant cells animal cells have income?

Their income depends on their profession and wages.

What does mean other operation income?

The Income which is earned except from own profession or vocational income or those income earned indirectly from other source, is called other operation Income .

What are the characteristics of a profession?

Job Security Income Benefits and compensation Future outlook

If any assessee having not business income but having income from profession like job works then what section will apply?

having income from profession like job works. This sounds like the assessee would be a self employed taxpayer under the IRS rules.Click on the below Related Link

What is the beginning salary for audiologist?

The median income for an audiologist is $69,000. Audiologist entering the profession will make significantly less than the median income.

What is the monthly income of a cosmetologist?

The monthly income of a cosmetologist depends on where the cosmetologist is working, their amount of experience, and the size of their employer. On average, after a year of experience, the monthly income can be up to $2,443 per moth. After five years of experience the monthly income can range up to $2,532 per month.

Why does mr shimada become a dressmaker?

Mr. Shimada becomes a dressmaker out of necessity after losing his job and needing to find a new source of income. Despite having no previous experience in dressmaking, he learns the craft and shows great talent and dedication in his new profession.

How much do public adjusters make?

It is typically a comission based profession, so the annual income does vary. A good Public Adjuster can make substantial amount of income.