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Probability of paternity (POP) means how likely the man is to be the father. If the result is a 99% (or anything over 64, haha) POP I would say that he's the daddy.

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Q: What does probability of paternity means?
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What is the probability that a paternity test will be correct?

As part of a paternity test it includes a probability value to determine the probability that the man in question is biological father or not. If the probability value is 99.99% and the mother, child and man in question have all been tested then the man is the father. If it is less than that then the man is not the father. It is impossible to get a probability value of 100% unless every man in the world were tested. As it stands a paternity test is as accurate as its probability value. Therefore a paternity test with a probability value of 99.99% has a 99.99% chance of being correct. A paternity test is very accurate and does a great job of showing a childs genetic parents. The test is 99.9% accurate.

Does identigene paternity test really work?

Yes! IDENTIGENE paternity tests are 100% accurate with probability of paternity for not excluded results are above 99%. IDENTIGENE is a highly accredited laboratory.

How accurate is a paternity test?

Although they are not 100% accurate, paternity test can be up to 99.9999% accurate in depending on the lab that is doing the testing. 99.9999% probability means that there is only a .0001% chance that some other random person of the same ethnic background is the father.

What does fair means in probability?

From a probability perspective fair means equal probability.

What does and mean in probability?

It means multiply, Probaility of A and B means probability of A multiplied by probability of B.

Can the probability of paternity be 0 percent?

If you have a sperm amount less than 3 ml the probability decreases. No, sorry to say but all it takes is one sperm. On the other hand when testing for paternity the test is never 0, it can be close to it but never zero, due to the + or - error in the mathematical formula used.

How do you explore probability?

You can explore probability by means of mathematics.

What does fair mean from a probability perspective?

From a probability perspective fair means equal probability.

The word that goes to this definition a probability of 0 means the event is?

A probability of 0 means the event is impossible.

What is meant by the term probability?

Probability means - The likelihood that a particular event will occur.

When probability is less then 0 what happen?

Probability can not be less than 0 or greater than 1. A probability of 0 means there is no possibility whatsoever of an event occurring. A probability of 1 means that the event is guaranteed to occur no matter what.

What does the probability of one mean?

A probability of one means that the outcome will definitely occur.Not asked, but answered for completeness sake - a probability of zero means that the outcome will definitely not occur. Probability always lies between zero and one, inclusive.