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It Is Called An Outcome :) ( YOur Welcome)

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an outcome

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Q: What is the Possible result of a probability event called?
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For a given event what is the result of dividing the number of successful outcomes by the number of possible outcomes?


What is a probability of a certain event?

The probability of an event is the chances it will happen divided by all the possible outcomes.

The probability of an impossible event is ______ or ____.?

fraction or possible

What probability is the ratio of favorable outcomes to possible outcomes?

It is the theoretical probability of the event.

What is the measure of how likely an event will occur?

Probability is the measure of how likely an event is. ... The probability of event A is the number of ways event A can occur divided by the total number of possible.

What differentiates a probability from a probability distribution?

A probability indicates the likely-hood that a particular event occurs out of a set number of observations or measurements. A probability distribution allows relative comparison of probability of an event with any other possible event.

What is probability and how does it help explain the result of crosses?

Probability is a number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur.

What is the likehood that a possible future event will occur in any given instance of the event?

The answer is probability.

The what of event is the number of ways that the event can occur over the number of possible outcomes?


What probability of a possible event?

A value that is between 0 and 1.

What formula is used to find the theoretical probability of an event?

Expected successes= Theoretical Probability · Trials P(event) = Number of possible out comes divided by total number of possible

What is the formula of probability?

There is no single formula of probability. The probability of a simple event in a trial is a measure of all outcomes which result in the event, expressed as a proportion of all possible outcomes.If all the outcomes have the same probability then it is the ratio of the number of "favourable" outcomes to the total outcomes. However, the definition based on numbers fails if they are not equi-probable.

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