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the dependent variable cant change the independent varible, but the independent variable can change the dependent varible. (eg: Bob wants to see if the new Baseball pitching machine throws better fastballs then his friend. The baseball pitching machine(independent) could change a fastball(dependent), but a fastball(dependent) cant change the baseball pitching machine(independent).

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Q: What is the dependent variable in a project?
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What is variables in science investigatory project?

controlled variable, dependent variable and independent variable

In a science project what do IV and DV stand for?

Independent variable and dependent variable

What is the dependent variable in a science project?

It is what the scientist measures

What are quantifiable projects?

It is a project where the dependent variable can be measured.

If you are doing a science project on jellyfish what would the independent and dependent variable be?

Dependent variable would be : too many jellyfish. Independent variable would be tentacles probably.

What is the dependent variable in an non-experiment project which describes the water cycle?

If you are not doing an experiment, there is no variable.

If you are doing a science fair project on a fruit battery what would be the independent and dependent variable be?

the independet variable would be the type of fruits used and the dependent variable would be the electricity they generate.

What is definition and examples of dependent variable and independent variable?

I'm doing a science project on if fingerprint patterns are inherited? what is the control, independent variable and dependent variable? An ''independent variable is a ''variable which is presumed to affect or determine a dependent ''variable. independent variable is typically the variable being manipulated or changed and the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated.'''''' Example; In price and sales relationship one can manipulate price to check its effect on sales, so sale is dependent and price is independent variable.

What is idenpendent variable in a science project?

The dependent variable is the object(s) being tested in the experiment. So if you were to pop a balloon, then the BALLOON would be the dependent variable. Why? Because it is the object being tested. Hope this helped. -6th grader.

Can you give an example of variable in a science project?

What is changed, either by you or the different results. The mother-category of the IV and DV. (independent VARIABLE, and dependent VARIABLE) :)

I am doing this project on cleaning pennies with taco sauce and I am trying to answer this theory that taco sauce cleans pennies. What is the independent and dependent variable in this?

Independent Variable- The Taco Sauce Dependent Variable- How clean the penny gets....

What causes change in a dependent variable?

The dependent variable is dependent on the independent variable, so when the independent variable changes, so does the dependent variable.