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the probability is very small

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2008-04-26 20:24:30
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Q: What is the probability of getting pregnant with birth control and a condom?
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What is the probability of getting pregnant with no birth control or condom?


Not on birth control if you use a condom?

The only "birth control" that works 100 percent is Abstinence. But a condom will help prevent it, without a condom you have a low percent of not getting pregnant.

How can you keep a girl from getting pregnant while using a condom?

A condom is good protection, but no birth control is 100% effective.

Is there a change of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom used?

of course. the birth control pill is very effective if taken correctly. there is always room for human error, so yes there is a chance of getting pregnant while being on birth control and no condom use.

Can you have sexual intercourse without getting the girl pregnant?

sometimes, protect yourself, condom birth control

Could you get pregnant if the condom broke and I'm on birth control?

If you're using birth control correctly, chances are you won't become pregnant even if the condom broke.If sperm gets into the vagina there ALWAYS is some risk of getting pregnant. Birth control pills are only 98% effective.

Can you be pregnant if you used a condom and your not on birth control?

yes because the condom could break

What are the chances of getting pregnant when on the pill but use no condom?

If you have been on birth control for over a month then you are protected against pregnancy.

Can you get a girl on birth control pregnant?

If the girl is taking the pill perfectly then it is 99% effective. If she misses any pills her chance of getting pregnant increases. If you are not too worried about getting the girl pregnant because shes on the pill then don't use a condom. But if you are worried at all then definitely use a condom. Overall i recommend using a condom every time.

What are your chances of getting pregnant with a split condom?


What are the chances of getting pregnant if he wears a condom?


How can you trick him into getting you pregnant?

Put a hole in condom.

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