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The probability of something NOT happening is the complement of the probability of something happening. Since the probability that you DO have 3 heads is 1/8 (that is, 1/2 cubed), the complement is 1 - 1/8 = 7/8.

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Q: What is the probability of not tossing three heads with three fair coins?
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What is the probability of a head in tossing three coins?


What is probability of at least 2 heads on tossing 3 coins?

There are 8 permutations of three coins. Of these, 3 of them have two heads, so the probability of tossing two heads on three coins is 3 in 8, or 0.375. However, you said, "at least", so that includes the case of three heads, so the probability of throwing at least two heads is 4 in 8, or 0.5. T T T T T H T H T T H H * H T T H T H * H H T * H H H *

What is the probability if you flip 3 coins and get three heads?


What is the probability of tossing at least three heads if a fair coin is tossed four times?

It is 0.3125

What is the probability of you getting three heads straight for tossing a fair coin three times?

It is 1/8 = 0.125

What is the probability of tossing three coins and having exactly two of them show tails?

2 out of 8

What is the probability of getting three heads in tossing a coin three times?

It is (1/2)3 = 1/8 or 0.125

How many possible outcomes when tossing 3 coins?

three heads two head, one tails one heads, two tails three tails

What is the theoretical probability of tossing three coins?

it is 1/3 uhhh be specific because on apex its 3/8

What is the probability of flipping three coins and all of them land up on heads?

The probability of the first coin landing heads is half (or 1/2). Similarly, the probability of the second and third coins landing heads are also 1/2 in each case. Therefore, the probability of having three heads is: (1/2)(1/2)(1/2) = (1/8)

You flip 3 coins what is the probability that you get exactly 3 heads?

There is a 1/8 chance to land three heads.

What is the probability of tossing exactly three tails?

well it depends on what you are tossing, if its a coin then no. it can be heads too. it would have to be a great coincidence for it to be all tails, but thats why the word probability comes in meaning that there is more than one outcome

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