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Probability density is a pure number and so has no units.

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Q: What is the unit of probability density?
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How do you convert a beta probability density function to a beta frequency distribution?

probability density distribution

What is the difference between probability distribution and probability density function?

A probability density function assigns a probability value for each point in the domain of the random variable. The probability distribution assigns the same probability to subsets of that domain.

Could f be a probability density function?

No. f is a letter of the Roman alphabet. It cannot be a probability density function.

What is the probability density of the wave function?

See related link, In quantum mechanics, a probability amplitude is a complex number whose modulus squared represents a probability or probability density. For example, the values taken by a normalised wave function ψ are amplitudes, since |ψ(x)|2 gives the probability density at position x. Probability amplitudes may also correspond to probabilities of discrete outcomes.

What is between atoms?

electron probability density.

How do you construct data table and the probability density?

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Why will a density curve always give a probability of zero?

It will not. For the interval (x, x+dx) it may well give a non-zero probability. With a continuous distribution, the probability of any particular value is always 0. What the probability density function gives is the probability that the variable is NEAR the selected value.

How do you find the probability density function?

The probability density function of a random variable can be either chosen from a group of widely used probability density functions (e.g.: normal, uniform, exponential), based on theoretical arguments, or estimated from the data (if you are observing data generated by a specific density function). More material on density functions can be found by following the links below.

What is the difference between a probability density curve and cummulative distribution function?

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Using the time independent schrodinger equation find the relation for the coservation of probability?

The conservation of probability in quantum mechanics is a consequence of the time-independent Schrödinger equation. For a normalized wavefunction Ψ(x), the conservation of probability is guaranteed by the fact that the total probability density, |Ψ(x)|^2, remains constant over time according to the continuity equation ∇·j = -∂ρ/∂t, where j is the probability current density and ρ is the probability density.

What name is given to a region of an electron probability density graph where the probability of finding the electron is zero?

The region of zero electron density is called a "node."

What pdf stands for in statistics?

Probability Density Function