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Median, mode, quartiles, quintiles and so on, except when you get to very large number of percentiles.

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Q: What measures are not affected by outliers?
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What measures of central location is affected most by extreme values?

The mean is most affected. Mode and Median are not influenced as much by outliers.

Is absolute mean deviation affected by outliers?


Disadvantages of the mean in statistics?

the mean is affected by outliers

What is affected by extreme outliers?

Extreme outliers can greatly distort statistical measures such as the mean and standard deviation, making them less representative of the data. They can also impact the accuracy of predictive models by leading to overfitting. In some cases, outliers may signal data quality issues or the presence of unexpected patterns in the data that warrant further investigation.

What are the limits on outliers?

there are no limits to outliers there are no limits to outliers

What do box and whisker plots tell you about data that measures of central tenancy do not?

The box and whisker plot informs you of the 5 number summary, which comprises of the minimum and maximum, the median, and the first and third quartiles. The minumum and maximum give you the range, which is not given by measures of central tendancy. also, if it a modified box and whisker plot, outliers will be marked separatley from the rest of the plot, outliers are also not included in the measures of center.

Which of the following is least affected if an extreme high outlier is added to your data mean median or standard deviation or ALL?

The median is least affected by an extreme outlier. Mean and standard deviation ARE affected by extreme outliers.

Is range is not considered to be an index of despersion?

The sample range could be used as an index of dispersion. However, there are objections. One is that this statistic is obviously sensitive to outliers. Another is that for many population distributions there are measures with much better characteristics, even ignoring the problem of outliers.

What are the rehabilitation measures for the flood affected?

be safe

What is the ISBN of Outliers book?

The ISBN of Outliers - book - is 9780316017923.

How many pages does Outliers - book - have?

"Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell has approximately 320 pages in its paperback edition.

What are outliers and how do they affect data?

Outliers are observations that are unusually large or unusually small. There is no universally agreed definition but values smaller than Q1 - 1.5*IQR or larger than Q3 + 1.5IQR are normally considered outliers. Q1 and Q3 are the lower and upper quartiles and Q3-Q1 is the inter quartile range, IQR. Outliers distort the mean but cannot affect the median. If it distorts the median, then most of the data are rubbish and the data set should be examined thoroughly. Outliers will distort measures of dispersion, and higher moments, such as the variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis etc but again, will not affect the IQR except in very extreme conditions.