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  • A probability distribution must have a well defined domain - that is, the set of possible outcomes.
  • For each possible outcome, there must be a non-negative value associated - the probability of that outcome.
  • The sum of the probabilities, over all possible outcomes, must be 1.
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Q: What re the three criteria needed for something to be a probability distribution?
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What is needed to develop a bionomial probability distribution?

A number of independent trials such that there are only two outcomes and the probability of "success" remains constant.

How many standard deviations is needed to capture 75 percent of data?

It depends on the shape of the distribution. For standard normal distribution, a two tailed range would be from -1.15 sd to + 1.15 sd.

What education and training is required to become an actuary?

A person who wants to be an actuary would have working knowledge of mathematics-including calculus, probability, and statistics-and has demonstrated this knowledge by passing one or two actuarial exams required for professional designation. A degree in finance, mathematics and business would help build the skills needed for success in the field.

The average gas mileage of a certain model car is 28 miles per gallon If the gas mileages are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 1.7 find the probability that a car has a gas mileage?

That's on page 126 in your statistics textbook...... DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!! K i obv needed help with how to do it, ass. I didn't want just the answer.

What is the minimum score needed to be in the bottom 10 percent of the normal distribution with a mean of 140 and a standard deviation of 55?

To do this, you first need to convert the percentage into a z-score. The bottom 10% yields a z-score of -1.2816. Multiplying this by 55 and adding to the mean gives 69.512. This means all score less that are 69 or less will be in the bottom 10%

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How many random variables are needed to plot a probability distribution?

A probability density function can be plotted for a single random variable.

What is needed to develop a bionomial probability distribution?

A number of independent trials such that there are only two outcomes and the probability of "success" remains constant.

What probability value would be needed to complete the following probability distribution?

You should be given p(x) values such as 0.09 0.19 0.14 0.29 you just add these values to get 0.71 subtract 0.71 from 1 to get 0.29 is the answer

What sample size is needed to disprove the hypothesis that the probability of outcome A equals 0.25?

The answer depends on what population characteristic A measures: whether it is mean, variance, standard deviation, proportion etc. It also depends on the sampling distribution of A.

When is a historgam used?

I think that you mean histogram, so I am going to go off of that meaning. A histogram is a statistical image that shows a visual impression of the distribution of data. It's purpose is to assess the probability distribution of a given variable, by depicting frequencies in a certain range of values. Histograms are used when density estimation is needed, or when one needs to estimate the probability density function of an underlying variable. More often than not, it is used in mathematics and statistics in order to determine the distribution of a specific variable at varying frequencies.

Eligibilty criteria for attending MOH exam?

any experience is needed?

Why is a correction factor of x or - 0.5 needed?

The answer depends on the context. In probability or statistics, when using a continuous distribution as an approximation for a discrete distribution it is advisable to use 0.5 as a "continuity correction". This is to allow for the fact that the discrete variable usually cannot take values between integers. In other situations a correction may be applied to allow for measurement error.

What is the probability of having 4 consecutive successes in 10 trials?

More information is needed to determine the answer to the question. We need to know the probability of success or failure.

What part of air is needed for something to burn?

Oxygen is needed for something to burn.

What is needed for something to burn?

Fire and oxygen are what's needed for something to burn.

What are the criteria needed to construct a proper sentence?

The criteria needed to construct a proper sentence would be a subject and predicate, as well as capital letters and proper punctuation. The variables, however, to create a proper sentence vary and this is only an example of what is required.

What criteria are needed to fill a nurse occupation job?

Typically there are multiple qualifications needed for a prospective nurse to fill an occupation job. These criteria include a college degree in nursing, certification as a registered nurse or vocational nurse, and varying experience.

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