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  • Go with your gut. If that fails, narrow it down by elimination. Failing that, continue below.
  • It is easier to write a false statement than a true one for a test, so about 60% of true/false test questions will be false.
  • About 70% of all multiple choice answers will be a middle choice. So, for five choices, 3 or C will be the answer. For four choices, 2 or B, or 3 or C will be the answer, and the third choice is most common.
  • In the event one option is "all of the above" about 75% of the time this is the answer. "None of the above is 50% or less.

These strategies only work if the test designer is not aware of the human behavior normal in test design. Being one of those people, my assessments were one third true/false divided 50/50; one third multiple choice of only four options and those were divided into 25% for A, B, C, & D; and one third essay.

Take notes and study.

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Q: What strategy is used for multiple choice questions?
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Why are multiple choice questions used in public opinion polls?

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yah this institution gave a multiple choice questions for the students they are teaching all the things for the students. Am suggesting one best institute for this NEBOSH IGC course. In Chennai one of the best institute is being successfully, and also its named by Best nebosh igc institute in Tamilnadu which means in this whole Tamilnadu this institute is the best institution.

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It should. However, multiple choice questions are so widely used and copied that many of them are faulty in several ways, including the addition of all of the above and none of the above.The driving force behind multiple choice questions is the relative ease of scoring them, compared to written answers or even fill-in-the-blank. They often do not provide an adequate assessment of the student's knowledge of the subject.

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