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It depends on the kind of data you have, but a scatter plot or bar graph would be best.

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Q: What type of graph would you use for comparing 2 similar kinds of data?
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What graph would be best for comparing?

If they things you are comparing part of a whole, pie graph. If not, bar graph.

What type of graph do you use when you are comparing things that is not a double bar graph?

you would use a line graph

What kind of graph would be used for comparing?

a venn diagram

When would you choose a bar graph to present data?

when i am comparing data

What kind of data would you record in a bar graph?

You use it when you are comparing data.

What kind of graph should be used by comparing the cost of 4 bicycles?

a bar graph would be best I might say

How would you compare yourself to something?

Comparing means finding things that are similar and different. Make a list for whatever it is you're comparing yourself to. How are you similar to that thing and how are you different?

What type of article would you find a circle graph in?

you could find it in a comparing and contrasting article

What are the 7 kinds of graph?

There are many kinds of graph, 7 would you believe! They are as follows: -The Dick Van Dyke -The mullet -The John Wayne -There is no number 4 -The Ohio -The Pie chart

Why would you use a line graph for population?

A line graph would be used for population [change] because you are showing how the population increases or decreases over time. If you are talking about comparing different populations at one given time, then a bar graph or pi chart would be used.

What are the different kinds of charts?

There are many different kinds of charts. A few would be a graph, bar graph, flow charts, pie charts, pictograph, line graphs, histogram, dot plot, and scatterplot.

Which of these would be most for comparing the amount of money raised by each of the grades in an elementary school fund-raiser?

Bar Graph :3

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