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A Bar Representing A Rrequency of A 12

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Q: When representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart which of these bars will be the shortest?
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When representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart which bar will be the tallest?

A bar representing a frequency of (The Biggest #)

When representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart what would be the tallest bar?

It is called the mode.

What is a bar chart?

A bar chart is a graph in the form of boxes of different heights, with each box representing a different category of data, and each height representing a frequency.

What do the intervals in a frequency chart have to be?

Usually the intervals in a frequency chart should be equal.

How do you make a tally table and frequency chart?

week frequency cumulative frequency123

Which is the most useful chart to use for representing how much the different parts of something contribute to the whole?

A pie chart.

What is frequency chart?

it's a kind of display of a given data

If a bar chart showed that 4 students received an A on the test 3 students received a B and 1 student received a C the shortest bar on the chart would be for the B column.?

No, the shortest bar would be C

What is the x-axis called on a chart?

Usually it is the horizontal ray... it can be called whatever it is representing.

Which has a higher frequency gamma rays or xrays?

gamma has the highest frequency because on a wave chart the gamma rays have the most energy and frequency

Is frequency distribution mutually exclusive?

Yes. It doesn't make sense to have a frequency distribution WITHOUT the categories being mutually exclusive. For example, show a chart of the distribution of heights of children in a school. A given child is one specific height and so his contribution to the chart is in just one category. An example of where it doesn't make sense: percentage of shirts seen containing each color. You might have a total well over 100% since shirts can contain several colors, and so the colors are not mutually exclusive since a given shirt can be in two color categories. The colors are not 'exclusive' because blue does not exclude white.

How are the pieces of a pie chart related to relative frequency?

The pieces of a pie chart represent the parts of a whole, as does relative frequency. The total of the entire pie chart should be 100% or 360 degrees. The sum of the relative frequencies should also equal 100%.