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Q: Which of the following is not an average mean median mode or range?
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Find the mean,median,mode and range of the following values:17,7,11,13,2,12,7.?

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What is the median the mean and the range?

In statistical analysis, the range is the lowest to highest score. The median is the exact middle, and the mean is the numerical average.

What do median mean in maths?

median is the middle number mean is average mode is most median is middle range is high - low

Define mean median and range?

The mean is the average, the median is the middle, and the range is the difference between largest and smallest number. These terms are generally used in math.

How does the outlier affect the mean median mode and range?

The outlier is capable of affecting mean median mode and range it affects mean because the average has changed if affects median because you have to cross out 1 more letter it doesn't affect mode it does affect range because an outlier is a number that i far away from the other numbers * * * * * It does not affect the median.

Can Find the mean median mode and range for the following set of numbers round off the mean to the nearest tenth 103 106 104 105 107 104 102?

mean: 104.4 median: 104 mode: 104 range: 5

What does mean mode median range mean?

Mean is the average of a set of numbers. Median is the number in the middle when arranged in numeric oder. The mode is the most frequently used number in a set.

What are the mean median mode and range of the following 5 numbers 45 96 34 45 50?

mean = 270 divided by 5 = 54 median = 45 mode = 45

What is mean median and range of 9 8 8 15 20?

Mean = 12 Median = 9 Range = 12

What is th mean median mode and range of 67'68'64'69'92'66?

Mean: 71 Median: 67.5 Mode: None Range: 28

Why use a median instead of average?

The median is less effected by outliers or numbers far outside of the normal range than the mean. See related link.

What is the mean median mode and range of 9 and 9 and 8?

Mean: 4.2 Median: 2 Mode: 1 Range: 8