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i think a frequency table is a table that helps people organize there info

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Q: Why do you use the frequency tables?
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Difference between frequency table and relative frequency table?

Frequancy Tables only use whole numbers while relative frequency tables use exact percentages or decimals.

Why use cumulative frequency tables for BMI?

cool cooljh

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of?


What are the importance of frequency distribution tables?

What are the importance of frequency

Does frequency tables have x's?

it does have the in serent points

What are the disadvantages of frequency distribution in points?

What are the disadvantages of frequency distribution tables

What are the benefits of frequency tables?

it help to summarize the data

What a frequency table looks like?

frequency tables are the tabler in which are used to take surveys of things.

How frequency tables and graphs help organize data?

frequency table helps us organize data in a categorial or norminal way.

Why do scientists use data tables?

Scientists use data tables to record data and information like a database in maths.

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of what?

Frequency and cumulative frequency are two types of frequency distributions. These are frequency tables that show statistical data for different types of frequencies that include absolute, relative, and cumulative frequencies. There are mathematical formulas used to calculate these frequencies.

Why are frequency tables important in every day life?

Frequency tables are important in a variety of ways, and come up in multiple fields. It is important to show how frequent something is done in terms of ordering a product from a company, or when a sports team does something.

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