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Visual learners learn best when they can see information in a pictorial form.

this is nonsense children should read

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The main idea of a passage is also called a

Why do auditory learners benefit from reading aloud

For which of the following reasons do auditory learners benefit by hearing things read out loud

Why do commercials shown during a TV show provide a clue about the intended audience

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Q: Why should visual learners use pictures charts maps and graphs to help them study and learn?
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What graphs can you use to find the strength of correlation between two continuous data sets that isn't a scatter graph?

You cannot. Or rather, you should not. You do not know if the relationship is linear or something else. A scatter graph is the best way to establish the nature of the relationship. For example, the correlation between x and y, when y = x2 between, say, -4 and +4 is zero (because of symmetry). That would lead you to conclude that there was no relationship. You could not be more incorrect!

How do you draw a stratified scatterplot?

This answer is for drawing stratified scatter plot by using SPSS package. Go to Graphs -> Legacy Dialogs -> Scatter/Dots -> Simple Scatter. Click Define button. Then set Y-axis (usually dependent variable) and X-axis ( independent variable). Also important to note that those two variables should not be qualitative variables. Then select a variable that you want to make strata in the scatter plot. Yeshanwithanage

What are the characteristics of a good measure of central tendency?

Properties of a good measure of central tendency are:-It should be rigidly defined.It should include all should be simple to understand and easy to should be capable of further mathematical treatment.It should be least affected by extreme should possess sampling stability.

Where should the regression and correlation analysis be put in a thesis?

The actual analysis and breakdown should be put in the appendix, but your findings should be in the main part of your thesis (linking the reader to the appendix should they require more information)

A random sample should be taken from?

A random sample should be taken from an entire population.

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What are important things to remember when creating a presentation what makes a PowerPoint interesting?

You must need to include most of the elements for interesting use. Pie charts, graphs, pictures etc should be there.

Why are graphs and charts important to analyze data?

Many people find it easier to take in information when it is presented in visual form. Graphs and charts are often not much use for the actual analyses but may help suggest the sort of analyses that should be carried out.

Why you should use visual aids?

A visual aid supplements words with pictures, charts, graphs, or other visualinformation. They are important because they help the audience understand and remember, increase audience interest, and act as notes or reminders for the speaker.

What is the first thing to do to solve a math problem?

You should read the problem and any directions, graphs, charts, and data that goes with the problem

IN what order should a science fair board be?

Question/purpose, hypothesis ,in the middle data and graphs and pictures, on the other side results and conclusion.

What does the teacher do when learners are not following instructions?

The teacher should stop the class and re instruct the learners or question the learners and get them to verify what they should be doing.

What should you include on tri folds?

Diagrams, charts, pictures, tables, information, or anything you need to get the point across to whomever is viewing it.

Geographers should learn to view the world from diffrent to organize and categorize it?

They organize information into charts, graphs, or tables to learn. Geographers categorize regions in three ways: formal, functional,and graphical.

Why should history be interpreted for learners?


What should graphs and tables both have?


Should someone with a learners permit have insurance?


Is it proper to format dates using slashes instead of spelling it out in charts in formal letters?

In most academic writing, you would spell out the date (Example: September 5, 2009). Formal letters should be no exception. For charts and graphs, you want to go with what is easy and quick to read, so go with the slashes for your dates there.

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