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Assume a circular outfield with 330 feet to right, left, and center. The distance to right is 330 plus distance from left 330 and distance from left to right is pi/2 x 330 = 518 feet. Running from home to left to center to right back to home is perimeter = 330 + 330 +518 = 1178 feet. Since one mile is 5280 feet you have 5280/1178 = about 4.5 or 4 and 1/2 laps

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Q: How many laps around baseball field perimeter equals a mile with 330' foul pole lines?
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How do you find the perimeter of a baseball field?

It is the distance added together around it.

What is the peremiter around the basseball field?

The perimeter around a baseball field varies depending on the field, however, around the infield, it is always 360 feet; as all the bases are exactly 90 feet from one another.

What is a perimeter of a farmers field?

The perimeter is always the distance around the outside edge (of the field). However this will vary according to the size of the field; it is not a standardised distance.

Is Perimeter a distance around an object?

The perimeter is the border or outer boundary around a two dimensional figure and is the length of such a boundary - a field for example, a perimeter fence

How many feet are there around the perimeter of an acre?

The question as asked cannot be answered. If the field were circular, the perimeter would be the least possible. But for a long thin field, the perimeter would be much larger.

How many meters perimeter around a field of 3.5 acres?

The perimeter of a 3.5-acre square lot is 476.05 meters.

What does area and perimeter of a figure refer to?

The perimeter of a field is how far it takes to walk around the edges. The area is how much land it covers. ■

How long around is a softball field?

The perimeter would be the fence around the field. I'm assuming you are asking the distance which is 220 feet for international softball.

The playing surface of a football field is 120 yds long A player jogging around the perimeter of the field covers 346 yd How wide is the field?

53 yards

4 equals B on a B F?

4 = Bases on a Baseball Field.

What is the difference between a perimetre and area?

Perimeter = the distance around the edge of the field; how much fence it takes to enclose the field. Area = how much land-surface the field covers, i.e. how many corn-stalks can be planted on it. ================================= Perimeter: the distance around the edge of the floor in the room. Area: how much carpet it takes to cover the floor.

What is the name of the area that baseball players run on in the infield?

If you are talking about the area bounded by the base lines, its 8,100 square feet (90 x 90). But if you're talking about the area bounded by the outside edge of the dirt, this can vary from field to field.