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Q: Is comanwealth comes after every four years?
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How often are the summer Olympics?

The Olympics are held once every fourth year.

There are olympic games every four?

I assume you mean every four years and yes it is held every four years

What is a sentence that has 29 letters and it got leap day in it?

leap day comes every four years yay

How often do you vote for President of the US?

Every Four Years.

What does the commonwealth hold every four years?

The Commonwealth holds the Commonwealth Games every four years.

Which of these is organised once every four years?

The F.I.F.A world cup is held every four years.

When is the president is elected?

The President is elected every four years.

Does the Olympics happen every two years or four years?

Yes, they have taken place every four years since 1896, barring such disasters as World Wars One and Two.

How long is the president elected for?

Every Four Years

Are immunizations every ten years or every four years?

depends what for!

How often does a president get elected in Chile?

Every two years for mayors, deputies, every four for senators. And every 4 for president.

Frenquency of US Presidential Elections?

every 4 years