What does a 500 batting average mean?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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It means you have hit 1 out of every 2 balls thrown at you.

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Q: What does a 500 batting average mean?
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What is the average between 250and 500?

The mean (average) of 250 and 500 is 375. ((250+500)/2)

What is interesting about Sammy Sosa?

He hit for a .500 batting average

The batting average is 322 how do you change it to a fraction?

well someone's batting average is how many hits over a thousand. so, put 322/1000 and simplify to get 161/500.

Is master batting bad for your health?

Depends on your batting average. if your batting below a .250 your not doing anything for your game. To be a master batter you must be batting at or above a .500 average. I'll tell you what is really bad for your health though; whacking off.

What does 500 average in sports mean?

it is the in between the number of games played

Is .500 a good batting average?

No one has ever hit .500 for an entire season. Ted Williams was the last player to hit above .400 and it will probably never happen again. To be considered a top-flight MLB player, .300 is the benchmark. Needless to say, yeah if you could hit .500 you would be considered pretty good. Hitting .500 means that you have to get a hit once every two times you are pitched to. A .300 batting average is considered great and .500 would be a superman average.

What was the MLB mean league batting average in 2008?


If a player get 54 hits in 225 at bats then how many hits are expected in 500 bats?

120 You do simple ratio math 54:225=X:500 54/225= Batting average of .240 500 (.240)=120

Who has had a career with better stats than a higher 300 batting average and over 500 homers and over1800 RBIs?

Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth

What does a pitchers opp avg mean?

its the batting average of the players the pitcher pitched against

What is the average of -13.52 plus -15.88 plus 500 plus 2516?

In mathematics there is more than one type of "average". However the usual meaning, unless stipulated otherwise, is the mean average, so I will assume this is what you mean (no pun intended).The mean is calculated by dividing the sum of the values by the number of values.Here the sum is: -13.52 + -15.88 + 500 + 2516 = 2986.6.The number of values is: 4.The mean is therefore: 2986.6 / 4 = 746.65.

Which Australian cricketer got 99.54 in batting average?

I think you mean 99.94. It was Sir Donald Bradman.