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The shape of the football was changed from the shape used in Rugby to a prolate spheroid in 1897. Cllick on the 'History of the Football' link below to read about the evolution of the ball used in American football.

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Q: When was the modern shape of the football established?
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What country did Modern Football originate in?

Modern Football was officially invented in England. The Football Association was established in 1863 writing the rules for the game... with league and cup competitions following years later. England is referred to as the "Home of Football"

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

Explain why the shape of a football is not a polygon?

It has a curved surface.

What is the shape of a football in 3D not the name football?


Is a football a polygon?

Explain why the shape of a football in not a polygon

When were the West Tigers Australian football established?

The West Tigers were established in 2000.

How do you get strong and in shape for football?

you play and pratice football a ton

What was football developed from?

All the modern football games in the world would have originated from various games played in the middle ages, with balls of different shape. Out of these have come sports like Soccer, Rugby, Gaelic Football, Australian Rules Football, American Football and others. Many of these games share similar rules and have obvious similarities.

Who invented or made the first American football for the game of football?

The man credited for designing the football shape we know today is a man named Walter Camp who enrolled at Yale University in 1876 and joined the IFA rules committee. He is also credited with proposing a number of rules that were established in the following years.

When was the English football league established?


When was the year football associated was created?

In 1863 the English Football Association was established. It was the world's first Football Association.

Who invented the shape of the football?

The football was round at first like an ball, but i don't know how it became the shape it is today! The ball used in American football was modeled after the rugby ball. Rugby originally used a round ball, but it gradually flattened out into an egg shape, which allowed for easier handling and carrying. The rugby ball was at this stage of development when American football came along. The modern rugby ball is still a little fatter than the modern football and more rounded at the ends to allow for good bounces on dropkicks. After the forward pass was legalized, the American ball gradually became skinnier and pointier at the ends. These design changes made the ball more aerodynamic and easier for the thrower to handle.