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Newcastle United

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Q: Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Sunderland?
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Who has the bigger fan base Newcastle United or Sunderland?

Newcastle United have the bigger fan base. Their most famous fans are Ant and Dec.

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle united or tottenham hotspur?

im very sorry to say this as i support Sunderland AFC but Newcastle United has a bigger fan base they are currently sat in the top 8 supported teams in England

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Leeds?

Newcatle United have a bigger fan base.

Is leeds fan base bigger than Newcastle?

yes it is

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Manchester City?

Research by Manchester City estimates they have 886, 000 fans in the UK and in excess of 2 million worldwide. Source: Wikipedia Can find no figures on Newcaslte fan base.

Who is better Chelsea or West Ham?

Newcastle has a larger following because the area but both West Ham United and Newcastle fans are loud, loyal and passionate.

What team is more popular in Manchester- Manchester City or MAchester United?

Man city has bigger fan base in Manchester bu t united has bigger fan base in the world particularly in Asia and america

Who has a bigger fan base Newcastle United or Manchester United?

it is definitely Manchester united, which boast an undisputed fan base of over 1 biilon people and with the trophies on its shelves, the fan base keeps growing unlike arsenal that won a major in 2003

How big is Glasgow Rangers fan base?

Its one of the biggest in the country. Sunderland have averaged attendances of over 40,000 since they were promoted to the top flight in 2007. In the early 2000's attendances were as high as 48,000, however the grim economic situation in the North East means many struggle to make to afford paying the prices Premier League football clubs charge their fans. Why is Sunderland's fanbase so large? The most obvious answer is that in the whole of the North East of England which has a population of about 2.5 million, there are only two big clubs, Sunderland and Newcastle, therefore both teams enjoy large passionate followings.

What are the top 10 soccer clubs in the UK with the largest fan base?

Manchester United have worldwide fanbase of an estimated 340 million

Who has thte bigger fan base Olympics or the world cup?

The world cup has a bigger fan base.

Op ten Clubs World Wide in terms of fan base?

1.Manchester United 2.Real Madrid 3.Barcalona 4.AC Milan 5.Bayern Munich 6.Inter 7.Ajax 8. Boca Juiniors 9. Newcastle United 10. Liverpool